NEW! April 2016 Fun Fly photos.

Tony Franklin's photos for 2014-2015

Outdoor Funfly June 2015

2015 club photos. We will add to this throughout the year.

ALES Soaring Classic June 2015

Outdoor Funfly May 2015

Outdoor Funfly April 2015

Outdoor June 26, 2010

Some images scanned in from club photos


NEW! April 2016: Dogfight over Marlton.

May 2015: Time laps video of the Funfly

Outdoor 2010/06/26 (YouTube)

Outdoor Fun Fly.  93 sec.

Pinelands Sports Center 2007/11/17
.wmv or .mov

Indoor aerial video shot from Roger's T-IFO.  3 min.

SJSF Indoor 2007/10/17

Indoor video taken by Joe Slezak.  Includes Dave Lockhart "walking the wall".

Pinelands Sports Center 2007/10/18 .wmv or .mov

Indoor video from indoor lacrosse facility

SJSF Indoor 2007/01/17

In-flight video taken from a 3-D plane piloted by Dave Lockhart